2 Displays in Stretchmode


we receive the following error, when the display resolution is set to 3200 x 1200 in horizontal strecht mode (a error message from the dx renderer node )

00:00:12 * : a resource couldn’t be created because of the following reasons:
Alpha in texture pixels is not supported. Your texture format (A8R8G8B8) has alpha.

2560x1024 works fine

gpu: Radeon X850 XT

any suggestions?



interesting. mmmmaybe out of resources.

are you using a dx9texture? or any other texture? select the texturenodes in inspektor and select a specific texture format (there are many to chose from!). if you don’t need the alphachannel use a format like X8r8g8b8 or one with no forth component at all.

hmmm no, im just put a dx9 renderer into a blank patch. all pins are “nil” in inspektor and the render window is completly grey.

then we put a gdi renderer first. so the error message appears in the gdi window…

hard to tell… on the same computer you now always get a gray renderer? still in spanmode? or in dualviewmode? on which monitor is the renderer? newest driver to your card?

if the pins are nil vvvv cannot create a directx device which should happen on really old/cheap graphiccards or in strange multimonitorsetups (due to a vvvvbug)

i don’t get the connection between your 2 posts. what is the problem again? have you tried my suggestion?


today we test the strechtmode (one big desktop on 2 displays)
fullscreen mode works fine with v4 while the resoultion is not higher than 2560x1024.
but if we change the native displayresolution to 3200x1200,start v4 - create a dx render node - we got a grey renderwindow and the errormessage above.

so… we have nothing else in the patch… just the renderer node…

maybe direct x cant handle this display resolution?

hope this help…



Hey Joreg,

we solve the problem in another way… just taking the normal “expansion” mode and 2 renderers.



strange. i had vvvv running on a geforce 6800256mb in spanmode with 3840x1200. even in fullscreen.

but yeah. maybe that is the difference. ati-cards usually have a 2048x2048 texture (and maybe also backbuffer) size limit while nvidias usually do 4096x4096