2 cameras firewire

I have 2 cameras connected on a firewire board(with 3 input).
Why I can’t see both cameras?
I have on patch 2 of: Videoin, Videotexture, Quad, Render and
in the driver pin on each videoin I selected 1 differet camera…
any suggestion?

I need to see 2 cameras firewire…
how can i do it?
is possible?

Sounds a bit like your capture card or cams itself make trouble.
What capture card and cams are you using? Maybe someone knows this issue, but without some more information its just stabbing around in the dark.
Try a second firewire card with your second cam. That one should work.
i hope I could help you.

i’d follow franks suggestion of using the 2 cameras on 2 different firewire boards as one board might share bandwidth on all its ports which may cause the problem.

see also this thread

win only supports one video video stream per controller, the card may have 3 ports but it will just be a hub off one fire-wire controller so yes you do need 2 cards