16K textures on Quadro Cards

For an upcoming project it seems like we in some early renderpasses need to process some textures at quite high resolutions to keep the final output crisp.
As far as I can see one of the features you get when splashing out on an Nvidia Quadro card is the option of using 16K textures. So before I go and try to dig out funding for such a card I would like to know if VVVV will support such resolutions. Would such a card solve this problem?

if the card supports it i don’t see a reason vvvv would not support it.

afaik most radeon cards support 16k.
have seen v4 loading this texture size successfully. can’t remember which model it was exactly. @veevee)) or ((user:readme used it.

so maybe no need to go for the expensive cards

I didn’t really realize that I have a 16K capable card… well I actually do.