16 midi fader


does anybody know of a similar device to the doepfer pocket fader? they are out of stock (even at the polish representative mentioned on their site). also ebay doesn’t have one.

i need 16 faders on a rather small device (which i don’t want to build myself).
any suggestions?

a search on turns up the [|Kenton
Control Freak Studio Edition], but it’s not small (432mm x 160mm x 55mm) and rather expensive :(

well its only 8 Fader:
What about

and if you want it dirtcheap: 29,-€ 39,-€

my favorite actually is this one , who has endless poti , normal poti , fader , pad , and plemty of button.
but still only 8 buttons.

ehlo all,

thanks for your links. it is just that i really need 16 faders and nothing more. the kenton one looks fine indeed but a bit out of budget…

still googlin for a doepfer…