15 More People!Please help me~!

Thank you very much for those who gave me quick answers for me!!
15 more people!! Please help me!!

  1. What do you think (^^) this means? How do you feel about this?

  2. What do you think (ㅠㅠ) this means? How do you feel about this?

  3. Actually, this(^^) is emoticon of smiley face, like you use this:) as smiley face, and this(ㅠㅠ) is crying face, like :( Do you think this is relevant or irrelevant? Please explain why.

  4. Do you think a mouth is important or an eye is important to express your emotion with your face? Please explain why.

I have to use it to make a media art(like moving typography using answers from these questions.
Please help, thank you.

1.) I was thinking about closed laughing eyes

2.) The number PI

3.) Personally I don’t care about emoticons, unless they’re used frequently, and I don’t understand what they mean. Therefor: irrelevant

4.) I can’t express my emmotions with :) or ^^. Both very limiting, and no keycombination ever will be able to express even the most basic emmotion. Would words be able to?

If I had to choose, I would at least want to have eyes + mouth.


I like the japanese emoticons because they use more characters, thus making them more expressive, like:


boomerang :)

(V)(;,;)(V) expresses all my feelings

1: closed eyes
2: dunno
3: after telling me the meaning of both it was very hard to remember what was my first impression to those emoticons. i see why they became a “symbol” of those expressions though
4: regarding the high threshold of human face detection even : could resemble 2 eyes. probably eyes are more important in expressing emotions as they have more recognizable properties as the mouth

  1. smile and/or raised eyebrows
  2. never seen that one before
  3. as with all communication semantics should be relevant
  4. to me both are seem equally important as both can express a huge range of different emotional states.
  1. Happy eyes. No feels.
  2. Crying eyes. No feels.
  3. I like typed emoticons. There should not be standards for them though.
  4. The eyes and the mouth each have a different emotion that represent best. The other may support the first or add more detail.
  1. Makes me think of a smiling person
  2. Some kind of horror/halloween emoticon
  3. Talking of emoticon use and sticking to this concept, it’s relevant they’re somehow explained, at least to let people understand each other (see point 2)
  4. In real world they’re equally important; regarding web: emoticons are a kind of “standard”, so that I use them as they are (but hoping people out there understand their meaning)